Love for Tradition united Messolonghi and Portaria


On Saturday, March 4th, in Portaria, there were traditional rhythms. The clarinet, the lute and the daulae, united the love of members of cultural associations from two different regions. The Portaria Sports and Cultural Association `Orminio` welcomed with great pleasure the Cultural Club of IP Messolonghi `Free Bereavers` This meeting, an idea of ​​the two dancers Angelos Stamatis from Messolonghi and Konstantinos Moutos from Orminio, began Saturday afternoon at the Cultural Center of Portaria, where the members met, enjoyed the local traditional tsipouro offer of the `Me Mastra` and sweet spoon from the Portaria Women`s Cooperative, exchanged symbolic gifts and danced together Pelion songs. The evening continued at Xenia Palace Portaria where, with the accompaniment of the traditional orchestra with Kerasiotis Nikos (clarinet), Moute Konstantinos (lute), Marina Baruto (song) and Anastasia Lytra (percussion), the two dancing clubs traveled with their dances in all of Greece.

This first meeting of the two clubs will take place as well as the President of the Cultural Club Leonidas Arvanitis and the President of the Cultural Association of Portaria `Orminio` Eleni Yalamas committed themselves to the twinning of the two clubs in order to establish a solid basis on which to support the preservation, knowledge and visibility of the traditions of different areas, which can only be achieved through collective actions!