The Pelion Wedding today

The Pelion Marriage is a series of rituals that indirectly propose and demonstrate the communion, the full participation and identity of guests – the whole village with the newlyweds. One simple reason, facetious, tolerant, ultimately poetic, and a move that highlights the most beautiful way.

Popular street theater and dance. Pieces from yesterday transport animals, treats with baklava and ouzo eventually help rather than knowledge of the life of our ancestors only, but in experiencing the.

So the tradition is not a museum and exposed live, nor a dream. Is the emergence of beings and mikrodramaton that nest in our collective subconscious. The conversation with the groom and the bride, and whose names have been forgotten yet, is continuous, slow and direct.

H reviving the traditions of Pelion Wedding, which is the climax and simultaneously marks the end of cultural events.

It is an effort that began in the mid-60s by a group of residents of our village, the purpose of maintaining and customs of marriage in Pelion, as was the good old days. From then on 27 year, few exceptions, become the last ten days of August, the representation of the marriage customs of Pelion, with the participation of many people in our village and the region.

In fact a year the marriage was real, because a couple of young people from our region, chose to tie the matrimony with this traditional wedding. Even some couples who occasionally played the role of bride and groom, the traditions of Pelion Wedding, then became truly and married couples. So in addition to the preservation and dissemination of the revival of the tradition ethimog marriage for some couples proved gourikos.

In the central square of the village`s "Melina Mercouri" and in front of the 2 Pelion rooms of the bride and groom built for this purpose with old utensils, collected by the village`s old mansions, become the engagements, why Pelion always started with a wedding engagements.

The Pelion marriage begins eight days before Sunday the termination of mystery. It began with the cutting of the wedding which took place at the bride`s house. The dress was not white, as the current, was itself Pelioritic costume (Skirt, Tucker, Kontogouni, Zone, Mafesi).

The wedding was organized by the Bratimia (their distinguished friends of the groom and bride). Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, relatives and friends were involved in the collection and settlement of dowry.

Then place the flour, custom in which the groom Bratimia went to the bride`s house and anapianan the leaven from which to make the wedding cake, sure the flour does not fall through the sieve without Silvers, At the end of the same flour whitened the groom and bride to whitewashing and to age.

On Friday the Keratzides (mule drivers) decorated with horses and institutions carrying the dowry in the picturesque streets of the village, ending at the central square where the cut will be the wedding. Sunday was the shaving of the groom, laminated rifle, ceremonies cherries first bratimou of the bride and the command that started the wedding, the start of the Bride, The wedding procession, the return of the bride and groom, The wedding meal, groom hanging from bratimia, Taxis bride, fill the pitcher with water from the central fountain, breaking the pitcher, shopping and finally the groom with the necessary opening of the new household.

It is an attempt to become the Cultural Organization of the Municipality to maintain the traditions and heritage of our region, and an opportunity to rediscover the old and the young to know that the marriage was in Pelion the good old days. A marriage different from all other, moreover, the only thing you can wish for and year.

Even the two evenings watching traditional dances from Pelion and other parts of Greece, the dance group "ORMINIO".

End, the main square in a specially designed space to exhibit local farm products and offer complimentary local wine and raki, with similar snacks, why a wedding all the guests must kerniountai.Meta end customs followed folk festival.